The Flow of The Current: Forward Thinking

The Flow of The Current: Forward Thinking

Aleaha Reneé

January 29, 2021

As The Current staff looks to the future, they are optimistic. With new semesters come a new team with diverse backgrounds, conversations and ideas. Due to this transition, readers can expect a plethora of online exclusive and print stories that showcase a variety of topics each staff member holds near and dear to their hearts. From book reviews, new trends in fashion and the implications of presidential pardons, mundane will be a notion that lives far from the publication this semester. 

Staff members are excited to release the spring issue this March and begin preparing the summer and fall issues of the magazine. Visuals will remain equally captivating and informative as the writing it is paired with, created by The Current’s talented graphic designer, Grace Houdek. In addition, present staff remains conscious and informed of the existing state of our world, country and community. 

Although at times it is challenging to compose and produce work through completely virtual means, because of this devastating pandemic, staff members will continue to take the necessary measures to keep one another safe by following guidelines outlined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Michigan State University

The team collectively holds national, state, local and university administrators accountable for keeping the general public safe during this time by outlining clear, constructive pathways towards healing and recuperation. The staff also personally holds the university accountable for communicating the necessary information to allow fellow Spartans to feel safe, protected and supported, both during and after this pandemic.

Overall, apart from the staff composition, not much will change with the magazine this semester. Staff members will continue to construct a publication that thoroughly represents the communities in which its readership identifies. Furthermore, The Current will continue to produce interesting, inclusive content and stay true to the values outlined in the staff’s open note:

“We support the need to speak out against and educate individuals regarding social inequality. This right was bestowed upon us as we took our first breaths as Americans… We will continue to speak. We will continue to educate. We will continue to advocate.”

Here’s to a new semester!

Aleaha Reneé is a senior marketing major with a passion for magazine journalism. She currently authors a column entitled The Face Of, established with the primary focus of encouraging self-actualization within individuals. One day, Aleaha Reneé will ultimately become editor-in-chief of a magazine. When she is not writing or editing, you can find her surrounded by her dearest friends, painting, reading, binge watching “New Girl” for the billionth time or mentoring Spartan underclassmen. Follow her on Instagram or Twitter @aleaha_renee