“It’s Not Just Ramen”

“It’s Not Just Ramen”

How To Make The Best Out Of Dorm Meals

By: Olivia Hans

October 29th, 2023

Making sure to make and create efficient yet healthy meals is important for student well-being and health. It’s important to realize that despite the changing circumstances of young adult life, such as moving to college, it’s not just important to eat healthily—it’s important to prepare students to take care of themselves altogether.

Dorm rooms may have more promise than one would think in this area. 

It’s not easy to cook just for one person. It’s hard to think of all of the appliances needed in a dorm, even shared with a roommate: a mini fridge, a microwave, a Keurig Mini, the works.

It’s also not a simple task for students to justify buying enough ingredients for different meals throughout the week. However, this article may help provide some answers to the college dilemma of not knowing what to cook in your dorm room, apartment or otherwise, and hopefully within budget.

Senior Chloe Lanning looks back on her use of appliances in the dorms, stating, “When moving in, my roommate and I supplied our own mini fridge and microwave. My junior year I lived in Van Hoosen which was an on campus [resident] hall apartment that came fully furnished and supplied with [appliances]. I utilized the stove, oven and fridge often when living there.”

Pinterest, typically a social platform used to plan outfits, pin home decor and other aesthetic objectives, is also a lively place where home cooks post fabulous meals that are friendly for every kind of cook—yes, even students!

One Dish Kitchen, a website that can be found through links on Pinterest, is one of the greatest resources for cooking for one. The website states, “One Dish Kitchen is a website dedicated to helping people cook for one. We believe that cooking for yourself should be easy, delicious and waste-free.” Utilizing this website, students can cook for themselves without resulting in wasteful tendencies. 

Small space cookware, on another note, is just another idea to consider. If you’re not utilizing your university’s meal plan, getting cookware specifically for your dorm room or apartment is needed (and no, sometimes a microwave is not the only thing to use).

An electric kettle, for example, can not only spur on your green tea fix: it can also sport boiling water for pasta if you don’t have a kitchen in your dorm. An Instant Pot Pressure Cooker or Mini—Crock Pot are also good investments if you want those cozy soups, roasts or pasta dishes. And best of all—it’ll cook itself while you’re in class. If thinking specifically in relation to your very own “One Dish Kitchen,” one may also want to invest in a Le Creuset mini cocotte, which is safe for ovens, freezers, and microwaves. 

If there’s one thing to remember aside from these ideas, it’s that some dorms do have community kitchens! If you’re in a dorm that has such amenities, use them. Creating dishes that are shareable, if you find yourself wanting a specific from-home recipe, is one great way to meet others in your community. 

Olivia Hans is a senior majoring in English and Professional and Public Writing, aspiring to develop, create, and organize ideas and concepts in specific settings. In her free time, she enjoys photography and watching Gilmore Girls. You can usually find her drinking coffee.