No Place Like MSU For The Holidays

No Place Like MSU For The Holidays

By: Claire Donohoe

November 21st, 2023

For some, the holiday break is a time to lock the dorm room, pack up a suitcase and head home. For others, home for the holidays is the banks of the Red Cedar at Michigan State University. However, what happens when many students abandon campus for a month? What can the students who stay do, and how can they come together to pass the days of late December?

For many students, especially international or out-of-state students, heading home can be an expensive process. For other students, home might not be where you grew up. No matter the reasons for sticking around this holiday season, there are plenty of ways Spartans can expect to fill their chilly days. 

Living in dorms can already feel isolating sometimes. The unique experience is exactly what you make of it – some find it social, and some don’t. Junior and former Resident Assistant in Bailey Hall, Ellyn Skodack, said it’s important to take the opportunities to explore when you can. Skodack said there are opportunities available for students, and it’s also important to “leave your room and engage with others when possible.” 

While some parts of campus close down, there are still activities to do on and around campus. Venture off campus for cold-weather activities, explore a new cozy coffee shop or find a new movie or book to immerse yourself in. For more information about on-campus activities, check in with student organizations like the Office for International Students and Scholars and the Live On Instagram page

According to MSU’s Live On site, the official winter break housing contract runs from Saturday, Dec. 16, through Friday, Jan. 5. Students looking to stay on campus can apply for winter break housing by visiting their My Housing MSU account. Note that the flat fee for extended housing over break is $315. Students can stay on campus for part or all of the winter break. More information on specific dates and times can be found on the Live On website. 

The winter break dining plan includes 34 meal swipes to Brody Square, Kellogg Market, 1855 Starbucks, Sparty’s Market and the Sparty’s in Owen Hall. 

No matter how students spend their holidays, there are many resources to take advantage of. East Lansing is home to thousands during the academic school year and can be a warm place to spend your winter weeks, too. 

For more financial information, calendars and campus resources, visit

Claire Donohoe is a junior majoring in English and Professional and Public Writing with a minor in Women’s and Gender Studies, hoping to either work in editing and publication or teach in her future. In her free time, she enjoys watching terrible reality TV, collecting funky jewelry and writing! You can find her creative work on Instagram @cwroteit.