About Us

“Making Waves, Staying Current”

The Current is East Lansing’s only full-color arts-and-culture magazine. Developed for and by Michigan State University students, our quarterly publications and weekly online exclusives amplify our voices and experiences.


The Current is a student-run news outlet that operates on an experiential learning model to hone the crafts of journalism and publication/project management. Our topics and corresponding social media campaigns represent the values and interests of our staff and readers. We publish with a unique and authentic voice to exemplify quality journalism for our readers.


We strive to be an exceptional experiential learning environment for students where they can perfect their digital publishing portfolio.

Guiding Values

  • Generating content that is professional, relevant and engaging
  • Examining current events, topics and issues through an accurate and unbiased lens
  • Providing students with meaningful professional writing experiences 
  • Maintaining consistency of brand and voice
  • Engaging with campus, local and statewide communities
  • Learning and upholding professional and ethical  methods of communication and journalism

Our Goals

  • Publish four seasonal print editions of the magazine.
  • Produce online exclusives for the website.
  • Maintain a social media presence on Instagram and Twitter.
  • Create an environment for students to learn the craft of journalism, build their portfolios, and gain skills for future employment.
  • Assume a high standard of editorial practice.
  • Improve their online and print presence every semester with regards to content topics, quality of finished deliverables, accessibility and voice.